Peristaltic Flow of a Newtonian Fluid

The peristaltic flows of Newtonian fluids in complex geometries are interesting to medical and industrial applications. In human body this plays a important role in the transport of food, urine, blood and egg to the uterus.

In the present investigation was analysed the 3D peristaltic flow in a complex channel with progressive waves of wall contraction. The peristaltic flow is investigated in the wave frame with c relative velocity with the frame of laboratory. This peristaltic flow was investigated varying wave amplitude, wave velocity, wave length and phase difference.


To describe this complex geometry BFC (Body Fitted Coordinates) method has been employed in this study.


Boundary conditions were imposed over walls to simulate peristaltic wave movement, and this peristaltic wave had a constant speed.


Amplitude wave velocity  results.


Length velocity  results.


Phase difference velocity results.


Independence of velocity




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